IMD Meter by KK7UQ

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The IMD Meter by KK7UQ is by far the best, easiest and most accurate way to monitor your own transmitted PSK IMD. The IMD Meter displays your transmitted BPSK31/63 or QPSK31/63 IMD in real time on an easy to read 3 digit LED panel. There are absolutely no connections to your radio, coax or PC. The IMD Meter by KK7UQ is a true stand-alone IMD Meter.

Theory of Operation: The transmitted RF signal output from your antenna is picked up by the telescoping antenna on the meter and fed into an AGC controlled wide band RF amplifier. The RF wave form of the signal is diode detected, then sampled with an A/D converter under control of an on-board micro controller. The shape of the wave form is then analyzed by the micro controller's firmware, the signal is calculated and the IMD is displayed on the meter 3 digit LED readout.

The signal quality is measured by analyzing the shape of the wave form which allows for precise IMD readings to be produced in real time while transmitting both in idle mode and even as you are transmitting text. It also adjusts to your transmitted signal levels automatically and handles QRP to QRO RF output. There are no levels to set or knobs to twist here. Just turn it on and it analyzes and displays automatically.

The IMD Meter also doubles as a relative HF Field Strength Meter and calibration is approximately 1 dB per unit. The complete enclosure sports a very small footprint and weighs just 5 ounces. The telescoping antenna extends from 5.5 to 20 inches.

This IMD Meter is a precise stand-alone unit at a fair price. All IMD Meters are assembled, tested, and ready to operate. The current price is $154.95, plus $10-$16 for USPS Priority Mail (depends on Zip Code). Quantities are limited. Payment methods accepted are check, money order, or PayPal.

Due to a lack of parts availability and slow sales, the KK7UQ IMD meter has been discontinued.

Watch a short video of the IMD meter in action.
Made in USA

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